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Perskaičiau Mark Remy “The runnes’s rule book“.  Šmaikšti atpalaiduojanti knyga 🙂 Tokia priešmaratoninė.

  • Black toes nails are badges of honor. Congratulations! These bruised nails are tiny trophies, conferred upon you fir toughing you. They are black-and-blue badges of honor.
  • Have mercy on the slow. A civilized runner doesn’t use speed as a cudgel to bear slower runners into submission. Except when your’e racing.
  • Learn and love the farmer’s blow.
  • Races are all about energy management.
  • Do whatever it takes to finish ahead a costumed runner. Because being out kicked by Elmo is too much to bear.
  • Please, no push ups at the finish line.
  • Your medal is wearable for a reason. Will you look a little cheesy walking around town postrace with a medal hanging from your neck? Yes. Should that dissuade you from doing so? No. You’ve earned the right to indulge in a little cheesiness. So go for it. Anyone who wants to judge you can do so just as soon as they earn their own medal.
  • Race photos never look good. Brad Pitt could show up at  the start of a marathon completely rested, tanned, toned and professionally styled, and by the time the race photographer snapped him at mile 13, he would ..well, he would probably look pretty good. He is Brad Pitt, after all.
  •  Judge not the runner in the cotton T-shirt. Some of them even enjoy running in cotton shirts. Strange, but true.
  • If you ask yourself , Are these shorts too short? The answer is yes.
  • When tapering before the race, don’t stand when you can sit; don’t sit when you can lie down.
  • In the real world, cars have the right of the way.
  • If both your feet are off the ground simultaneously, you are running.
  • No one sleeps well the night before the race; the night before the night before your race is the important one.
  • If you “need“ music in order to run, you’re kind of missing the point.
  • Women who race in full makeup are never fast.
  • Women who race in full makeup don’t care they’re not fast.
  • To help keep your upper body relaxed during a run, imagine you’re carrying a potato chip in each hand.
  • Two types of runners raise their arms in triumph at the finish line: the runner who won the race and any runner who wasn’t even close to winning.
  • The more often you check your watch, the longer the run will drag on.
  • Every rule has an exception – except for this one.

Nepamirštam užkandukų! Ot, jei būtų tokių pirkti..  🙂


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  • Aira parašė:

    Saule, smagu buvo tave sutikt trasoj! Saunuole! Lauksim ispudziu koks tas Vilniaus maratonas tau pasirode 😉

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